Hiking Inca Trail, you will find campsites along the way, well-marked and indicated. The Travel Agencies cannot set up their camps, in places NOT marked. It would not be safe for the group and the place would be predated.

Trekking companies are pre-assigned campsites by the governing body which controls the Inca Trail (Ministery of Culture). There is only limited capacity for campers so it all has to be pre-arranged and agreed in advance.

The guards protect permanently the camping areas, you will be safe, without annoying noise. The Security Guard will be in charge of controlling any risk that may arise.

In the camping areas, you do not have electricity or a cell phone network, so it is recommended that you take appropriate precautions. Take a personal flashlight, charge your batteries in advance and be ready, to enjoy a starry sky, and depending on the day you will have the light of the full moon.

inca trai campsites

Do Campsites Locations Matter on the Inca Trail?

YES. All the Travel Companies offer 3 campsites options for Inca Trail 4 Days, here we will explain to you what s the difference

Option 1.- Ayapata – Chaquicocha – wiñaywayna

 Things to Know
  • There are few spaces so they are sold out quickly.
  • We recommend to book with these campsites at least 10 months in advance.
  • We recommend this option for people who are already get used to the altitude. 
  • On day 03, you have a short day and arrive by lunchtime at Wiñaywayna campsite. After the meal, you have all afternoon to take shower and explore the Wiñaywayna Ruins.  
  • There are a few spaces for this option so you will hike with fewer people.
  • There are llamas at the second campsite so they will visit you and you will have a chance to take pictures with them.
  • The pick-up from Cusco will be at 4:30 am.
  • You cross two passes the second day, Dead woman and Runkuraqay pass.
  • You walk a long distances on day 2. 

Option 2.- Wayllabamba – Pacasmayo – Wiñaywayna

 Things to Know:
  • There are more spaces for this option.
  • Most companies will book with these campsites.
  • It is recommended to stay on these campsites.
  • On this option, you will sleep at a lower altitude the first night at Wayllabamba campsite.
  • The pick-up from Cusco will be at 6 am in the morning. Not early in the morning.
  • You cross only one pass on the second day which is Dead woman.
  • There are more spaces for this option so you will walk with more people.  Most Companies book these options. 
  • You might not have enough time to explore winaywayna ruins and take a shower because the third day is the longest day.

Options 3.- Mesqay – Chullucha pata – Phuyupatamarca.

 Things to Know
  • Most people who book at the last minute get the campsites.
  • We don’t recommend this option.
  • Companies who forget the book your permits in advance can get with this campsite.
  • Taking this option, you won’t see many people around you in all Inca Trail. 
  • The pick up from Cusco will be at 07:00 am. 
  • The last day, you will wake up at 3 am and hike still in darkness for 1 hour.
  • On the first day, you will hike a very short distance which is 2 hours.
  • The last campsite which is Phuyupatamarca is 6 hours away from Machu Picchu unlike winaywayna that is only 1 hour and 45 minutes.
  • You will arrive at Machu Picchu at 11 am with all the crowds.

inca trail campsites

Name of the Inca trail campsites 
  • Mesqay
  • Rumi Chaca
  • Huayllabamba
  • Ayapata
  • Llullachapata
  • Pacaymayo
  • Chaki Cocha
  • Phuyupatamarca
  • Wiñaywayna

Note: Learn more details about Inca Trail here

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