Choquequirao Trek

Choquequirao Trekking with AB Expeditions

Exploring the Inca Citadel of Machu Picchu during this all-inclusive day trip leaving from Cusco. 

FROM: $550

The Choquequirao trek 4 days is an amazing and strenuous trek that will take you to one of the last refuges of the Incas civilization. Choquequirao (3.303m/10,168ft) is a big archaeological site still under bushes and restoration process, situated in the surroundings of the (APU) Salkantay sacred mountain (6.272m/20679ft) and the Apurimac River. You will observe wonderful mountain scenery as well as much Andean flora and fauna.

FROM: $620

Our Choquequirao trek 5 days is a challenging but wonderful experience and rewarding adventure. Join us and explore the sacred sister of Machu Picchu. This hike enables you to get a firsthand view of a unique Inca town perched above the Apurimac Canyon, known by local people as the mighty river in Quechua “the Talking God”. The trek begins and ends in the village of Cachora. It is a challenging trek…not for the timid. This hike is 20 miles in one way, or 40 miles round trip.

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