Our Social Project in Alqatari Village

At AB Expeditions, we love nothing better than to get out and about in the local villages supporting community projects where possible – especially when it involves taking hoses.

giving hose to Alqatari

We donated hoses to Alqatari Villages. This village is located 7 hours away from Cusco and people who live there, just drink wáter from natural spring and they have to walk 40 minutes to get wáter for cooking and drinking. Seeing that we decided them hose for each family and we make their life easy.

Now at this point, We should say that we weren’t just having a ‘jolly day’ out of the office; we were there on Remote village having recently donated some hoses to the families.

alqatari hose

We were given a warm welcome by Jose Gonzalo who is the president of this village. He walked us over swampy land where the village is situated and it is surrounded by huge snow peaks. We have to say, it was very impressive!

The hoses donated by our Company AB Expeditions have been very well-received.  We had some great feedback from Jose, who explained how the hoses make an impact on the family s life.

hilario alqatari

The good news is, the project will now involve more villages. There are many remote villages that dont have wáter like Alqatari. With your support, it will happen.  Needless to say, we have been delighted to show our support for this local community project.

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