Our Team

MANAGER AND FOUNDER: Abel Quillahuaman



As the owner of AB Expeditions, Abel leads the company with laser focus. He is recognized for his passion, excellence as a leader and as a visionary in the tourism industry. 

Co-Owner/Manager: Elsa




Elsa grew up in the Andes, her father was a cook and she used to follow her father to Ausangate trek then she decided to study tourism in Antonio Lorena institute where she learned management so she works at AB Expeditions office.

Our Chefs: Aurelio, Eusebio, and Christobal



We work with a local family from the town of Alqatari. they speak Quechua and Spanish, they are so hardworking and trustworthy. Come join us and learn Quechua, the language of the Incas, they will be so happy to teach you!, they got excellent knowledge of Peruvian gastronomy, that is why they work with us.

Head Guide: David



David has been leading treks and tours for over 7  years. He feels lucky to have the beautiful mountains as his office and loves to help his groups discovery and explore the trails. He is passionate about Peruvian culture, history and especially Machu Picchu.

Head Guide: Franco



Franco was born in Cusco city, he mainly guides mainly Machu Picchu trip, Inca Trail and lares trek. his knowledge of the history of the Incas is amazing. Make sure to ask him many questions!

Hed Guide: Delia




Delia has 10 years experience as a tourist guide. Her favorite trek is Ausangate. Once you join us on our Ausangate multi day trek. You will meet her. She is fun 

Head Guide: Alberto



Alberto is very keen in group business and has excellent expertise in guiding. He is happy to guide all of our customers from all over the world

Head Guide: Aldair



Aldair is one of the best guide that we have in AB Expeditions team. He loves to explain about Inca history and love to hike the Ausangate. He will teach about the flora and fauna of all Cusco Region. 

Head Guide: Jacob




Jacob has been leading treks and tours for over 9 years. A Cusco native, he is proud of and loves to share his knowledge of Inca history, culture, and the beautiful mountain trails with travelers from all over the world.

Head Guide: Mijail



Mijail has been guiding for over 12 years. He loves to work in the mountains and is very proud his Peruvian culture. He brings passion and dedication on each trip he guides. He enjoys teaching travelers about the rich, beautiful Inca history. He loves guiding because it lets him share his culture with people from all over the world.

Head Guide: Yobani



Yobani is one of our amazing guides, he loves to take pictures. His knowledge and experience are incredible, he mainly guides Rainbow Mountain Trip, so If you wanna have unforgettable pictures of the Rainbow Mountain, ask for him!

Head Guide: Fredy




Fredy has been leading treks and tours for over 12 years. His true passion is guiding to spectacular natural wonders and amazing ruins left behind by the Incas.  He has always been fascinated by history and speaks Quechua, which has been essential to understanding Inca culture.