ausangate trek 4 days

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Ausangate Trek 4 Days

Ausangate Trek 4 Days offers you a real taste of the Andean life, as you will find and see modest communities where natives still speak the Inca language (Quechua) and where traditional methods of life are still used. Also, you will see hundreds and hundreds of alpacas So if you are wishing to do a genuine Peruvian trek out of the beaten track then this is the right excursion for you.

Ausangate trek 4 days highlights

The Ausangate trek 4 days is different to other treks, mostly because you dont visit Machu Picchu, neither any other Incan ruins. Instead, its highlights are natural attractions, including beautiful glaciers, colorful lakes, precious wildlife, colorful mountains and on the last day, you will enjoy the famous Rainbow Mountain (the second most visited atraction in Peru). In addition, you will hike through remote Andean villages that still keep their traditions.

Why book the Ausangate trek with us?

  • You will spend every night in our Cabins and Shelter.
  • You will hike through the red valley with very few people after visiting the Vinicunca on the last day, and you wont come across with Rainbow Mountain day trip crowds.
  • Our Private campsites are located in perfect location. 2 of them are the viewpoint of Ausangate and the beautiful lakes.
  • Your tents will be set up inside the shelters. Not matter what season you go to Ausangate. Even in dry season you get snow. So you will be protected with us.
  • Our 4 day Ausangate itinerary is perfect to get used to the altitude. Because on the fist day, you will hike only 3 hours.
  • Our last campsite is located at 4900 meters about sea level and sometimes it is very cold and windy. If that happens, we will set up your tent inside our house.
  • Our last private campsite is 45 minutes from the Rainbow Mountain so you visit it 2 times, for the sunset and sunrise.
  • You will spend the second night in our private Pucacocha Campsite, considered the best campsite in all Ausangate área.
  • Horses carry all the equipment and supplies so you can travel light.
  • We dont share the service of ausangate trek 4 days with other companies.
  • Small groups of 2 to 8 people máximum. This fact sets us apart from other travel companies that take bigger groups.
  • AB Expeditions is A 100% locally owned Travel Company and fully licensed Ausangate operator.
  • Our Tour Guides pride themselves on being up to date and have a comprehensive programme of continual professional development. We love showing what a fascinating and amazing Ausangate trek is.

ausangate trek 4 days


Day 1: Cusco – Tinqui– Upis

We will pick you up at 06:00 am and go by private van to the trailhead of our hike at the base of the majestic Mountain Ausangate. We will start the hike From Upispampa. You will hike through many remote villages with many stream crossings until you get the small town of Upis. Here we have our private Cabins where you will spend the night. Our cook will prepare a delicious lunch. After eating, you have an option to hike to the Upis lake which take 2 hours. you will have the chance to enjoy the first starry night, you will remember it for life.

  • Walking Distance: 7km/ 4,5 miles.
  • hiking hour: 3 hours roughly.
  • Trailhead Elevation: 4,220 meters / 13,840 feet.
  • Difficulty: moderate.
  • Campsite Elevation: 4,320 meters / 14,100 feet.
  • Accommodation: Cabins.

ausangate trek 4 days

Day 2: Upis – Puca Cocha:

We will wake you up at 05:00 am with coca tea or coffee delivered to your tent and you are given delicious breakfast for the day ahead. In The morning start hiking up to Arapa pass (4968m) Along the way we are going to observe local farmers and alpacas, Ausangate snow-capped to your left side, and you will have English speaking guide explaining about flora, fauna and talking about the landscape along the trail. if we are lucky we might see condor, chinchillas, and vicuñas. Also, we will enjoy colorful lakes and get our campsite of Puca Cocha where we are going to be surrounded by high mountains and unbelievable hanging glaciers, watch and hear for the glacier crashing into the tarns below! As usual, tents are going be set up inside the mountain huts for us to change, take a nap and have our lunch. Since this campsite is close to the Puca Cocha Lake, you will go to the lake where you will see many types of ducks, andean geese and many other types of birds. Then you will have dinner at our dinning room which is built with rocks and mud. 

  • Walking Distance: 10 km/ 6,21 miles
  • hiking hour: 5 hours roughly
  • Difficulty: moderate/difficult
  • Campsite Elevation: 4,500 meters / 14,760 feet.
  • Accommodation: Mountain Huts

ausangate trek 4 days

Day 3: Puca Cocha - Ananta - Kayrawiri

Today is a difficult day, You start with Puca Cocha pass (5051), very colorful mountains which surround you. As well as You have a spectacular view of mount Ausangate and colorful glacier lakes then you will enter into the Red Mountain valley, an intact landscape with vivid colors all around, and llamas eating grass right close to you.  Then you will have lunch at our dinning room where our rainbow mountain 2 day spend the night. After our meal, we need to climb the second pass called Warmi Saya pass(15,090ft-4500m-14,000feet)from where, you see this amazing Rainbow Mountain in the distance, but you are not quite there yet! From this place, you go downhill to circle the lake and keep walking a Peruvian flat until we reach our campsite. If the weather is good, we will go to the Rainbow Mountain for the sunset.

  • Walking Distance: 10 km/ 6,214 miles
  • Campsite Elevation: 4,900 meters / 16,076 feet
  • hiking hour: 7  hours roughly
  • Difficulty: moderate/difficult
  • Accommodation: Camping in huts

ausangate trek 4 days

Day 4: Kayrawiri – Rainbow Mountain- Red Valley – Cusco

Today is the day you have been waiting for. We will wake you up at 06:00 am with coca tea delivered to your tent then you will hike for about 45 minutes until Rainbow Mountain.  you will have time to explore the area and take pictures. We will spend approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour (depend on your trekking speed and weather conditions). After enjoying the RAINBOW MOUNTAIN for about one hour, we go to visit the RED VALLEY which takes another 30 minutes. Then we go to the bus station to catch our van. Today after our last supper we say goodbye to our horseman and the chef and get back to Cusco where you will be dropped off at your hotel around 03:00 pm.

  • Walking Distance: 1 km/ 0,621 miles
  • Trailhead Elevation: 4,900 meters /  16,076 feet
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • hiking hour: 45 minutes roughly



  • English speaking guide, plus an assistant guide for a big group.
  • Professional cook and an assistant cook for a big group and horseman for the mules and horses.
  • Mules which carry group gear and large duffels provided by the company, for personal belongings.
  • All food on the trek, which incorporates traditional Peruvian cuisine as well as modern fusion cuisine and specific dietary needs.
  • Boiled water and snacks.
  • Fees to access private land.
  • Large Dining tent, table, stools, all cutlery, and kitchen tent.
  • Tents to overnight, and Thermarest. Two-person tents are provided for a single person and three-person tents for double people to provide plenty of space for personal gear.
  • First aid kit, including oxygen.
  • Entrance fee to Rainbow Mountain.
  • Private transportation to and from your hotel in Cusco.
  • 7 kilograms of your personal belonging.

Not Included

  • Sleeping bag
  • Personal trekking gear including, backpacks, trekking poles, sleeping bags. However, they may be rented from the company.
  • Personal riding horse. Additional horses may be rented according to the needs of the individual and group.
  • Voluntary Tips for Guide, Driver, and Cook-(Please keep in mind that tipping is common in Latin America and would be greatly appreciated).


  • Day pack with a Rain cover.
  • Torch/ headlamp.
  • Extra socks (wool is best).
  • Hiking pants and shirts- layers.
  • Rain pants.
  • swimming suit.
  • Camping shoes/ sandals- to wear in the evenings.
  • Camping pillow.
  • Water-resistant trekking shoes.
  • Warm clothing (thermal underwear, fleece, hat, and gloves).
  • Waterproof clothing (poncho).
  • Synthetic or cotton clothing (trousers, shorts, t-shirts).
  • Sunhat and sunglasses.
  • Sun cream.
  • Lip Balm.
  • Camera/ extra battery.
  • Water bottles such as Nalgene.
  • Basic medications.
  • Walking sticks.
  • Personal items.
  • Personal snacks.
  • Cash (if you’d like to purchase souvenirs).


  • While we expect the tour will run as the itinerary describes to Ausangate Trek 4 days. Participants should accept that there is the possibility of changes, being necessary liable to local conditions, e.g, strikes, natural disasters.
  • This tour is not recommended for children because they may have trouble walking, but if the child enjoys hiking at high altitudes, they can do it.
  • If you have medical problems, you should consult your doctor and indicate that you want to or are planning a hike in the Peruvian Andes and the height is 5040 m (16,400 ft) above sea level. If you have medication, you must bring it with you to continue your treatment.
  • The higher elevation also means colder, nearly freezing temperatures, so be prepared. If you decide to take a multi-day tour, make sure to wear very warm clothes.
  • You will spend every night in shelters.
  • Our third campsite is 40 minutes away from the Rainbow Mountain so We have a better chance to enjoy the Rainbow Mountain in solitude.
  • If you have altitude sickness symptoms, descend as quickly as you can. It’s nothing to mess around with.
  • Our guide always oxygen tanks which are important as you get over 5040 meters/16,500 feet above sea level! Not all travel agencies offer this, so this is definitely something to look out for when choosing the best Ausangate tour operator.
  • Make sure you are acclimatized to Cusco’s altitude before you set off on your hike to the Ausangate. This is by far the best insurance of a smooth and enjoyable trip. We recommend you spend at least 3 days in Cusco prior to the excursion.
  • batteries tend to die due to cold — keep them in your sleeping bag.

ausangate trekking 4 days


  • This 4 day Ausangate trek to Rainbow Mountain is no recommended for travelers with back problems
  • You will have a guide during your Ausangate trek 4 day hike.
  • Daily departures with a group of 2 or more.
  • We only organize Ausangate Trek 4 days all year because we have shelter in every campsites.
  • There is not access for wheelchair.
  • Our pick up time changed to 5 am from september beacuse the rainy season start and most of the time it rains in the afternoon so It is better to hike in the morning.
  • This trek will have a maximum of 8 travelers


We will give you a duffel bags at our office at the end of your briefing. Our horse will carry them and you will have acces on them only at the campsites. Put your clothes and other personal ítems that you wont need hiking. Things like, water, snacks, first aid kit and rain gear should be in your day pack. The duffel should weight 7kg.


Strikes and roadblocks are frequent in Peru and can disrupt our Ausangate 4 day trek. We will do our best that your hike to Ausangate continues as planned with some changes.

If the strike happens the first day of your Ausangate 4 day hike, we will take you to trailhead the night before your start date.

If the strike happens the day that you finish your Ausangate 4 days. We will send our vans to Kayrawiry one night before. So you will get the van at 05pm because the strike are over after 5 pm. You will arrive to Cusco at 11 pm.


The weather is unpredictable in the andes. Dry season in Ausangate is from April to October and rainy season from November through March, but this does not stop rain from falling in dry season or the sun from coming out in rainy season so just be prepared. No matter what season you are hiking Ausangate trek, make sure that you get rain gear such as: a rain jacket, rain pants, poncho, and waterproof gloves.

Ausangate weather changed in minutes. You might experience 4 season in only one day too. So you must be prepared. Layers are the key since they are easy to adapt to different temperature changes. Be prepared with down jacket since the early morning and evening will be very cold.

ausangate trek 4 days


We recommend you to get a travel insurance because if you cancel your Ausangate 4 day tour in a last-minute it can reimburse you for your prepaid money. Also when you get sick or hurt while you are far away from home, it can reimburse you for care following a covered medical emergency while traveling.


This hike is difficult beause of the altitude, it’s highly recomeded to be in a good physical condition; The classic Ausangate trek elevation changes make the hike tough as there are four passes during your trek.


During the Ausangate trek 4 days, solo travelers will be paired to share a tent with another traveler of the same sex and couples will have a tent to themselves.


There is a mandatory pre-departure briefing at our Cusco Office one day before your departure to Ausangate at 6pm. You will meet your guide and He will give you detailed information about your trek, a list of what to bring, rental equipment or questions in general. Our office is located at: Marquez Street 250, Second Floor. Office 03. Cuzco, Peru.


Tipping is common on Ausangate trek 4 days. On the last day of the adventure, we will say goodbye our amazing horseman and profesional chefs. This is the time that you will give a tip for all of them please. Anything extra is always really appreciated. Please know that tipping is not Mandatory and that you should never feel forced into this.

Usually our customers pool their tipping money together for the chef and horsemen. For your tour guide, you tip once he/she will drop you off at your hotel. You decide the amount of money based on your experience with them. Soles is better for Our Horseman and Chefs. Guides can receive U.S. dollars or Soles without any problem.

This is our recommendations below. Sometimes they receive more or less. It is in your heart.

  • Tips could be for our porters:  50 – 60 soles per Horsemen.
  • Tips could be for our Cooks: 80 – 120 soles per cook.



In order to book your Ausangate trek 4 days with us, Click in the BOOK NOW buttom, then select the day of your depature, then fill out all your personal information of each participant and the last step is the payment which you can do with your Credit card or debit Card.

Once you send us the deposit, we will need all this information below. Send us when you have them, no rush.

  • Name of the hotel:
  • Phone number:
  • Dietary restricion(Vegetarian?)

hiking to the Rainbow Mountain


The Outstanding balance can be made in cash one day earlier your trip in USD or soles or if you prefer PayPal at least one week prior to your trip(7% service fee applies). Also, you can pay us with Credit card only Visa(5% service fee applies).  Please let us know what you prefer. Cash payment MUST be paid 1 day prior your trip.


Unfortunatly there is not student discount for Ausangate trek


Yes, it is possible. But you should let us know 48 hours in advance.


It is not mandatory to bring your Passport. But if you want to have a stamp of Rainbow Mountain, bring it. The stamp on your Passport costs 2 soles.


Not recommended, because our Ausangate tour groups leave from Cusco. If you stay in sacred we will pick you up 1 hour early than cusco and there will be an upgrade of $30 for the transport from the sacred valley.


We usually return to Cusco at 3 pm.

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