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Ab expeditions is 100% locally owned and operated

AB Expeditions is a 100% Peruvian and professionally-licensed tour operator and adventure travel company based in city of Cusco, Peru. It was founded by Abel Quillahuaman and Elsa Turpo who are peruvian guides with over 16 years of guiding experience. We operate treks, guided hiking tours to Machu Picchu and Rainbow Mountain and adventure travel throughout Peru, with a strong commitment to sustainable, ethical, and responsible travel.

We have been operating our trips and hikes since 2014 and we want to provide you with the best experience, from your first step to Peru until you return home to tell your friends and family about the magic that is Machu Picchu and Rainbow Mountain. While trekking with our team you will see that we love the work we do.

The people

Our team

Each of our staff has been hand selected by our team, meaning you will be in the best hands through out your travels . From our certified local guides to our specialized staff we can cover all of your travel needs. Safety is our focus, and adventure is our passion. Let our in country locals lead you the life changing trip you have been seeking.

abel - co-founder

Abel was born in a country side of Peru’s Highland called Ch´usso, where he grew up speaking quechua language. He went to school and high school in his Village. After finishing high School, he worked as porter for one year where he was mistreated because there was not enough food  and he carried 40 kg. After saving the money working in porter, he applied to a local institute called Tupac Amaru where he studied for 3 year to become a licensed tour guide. Then he worked in Cusco as a tour guide for different travel companies for around 7 years. There he witnessed at first hand and realized that some travel agencies were abusing their field employees such as the cooks, porters and guides. They used to be reckless with the health and safety of its workers, and would feel total disregard toward the porter’s wellbeing, paying them low wages and not on time, in succinct sentences they were not treated with honor and fairly. Abel himself was cheated  a couple of times for his services as a tour guide, he didn’t get a payment in the end. That was the main reason to start with this great project of AB Expeditions to beat these practices.


elsa - co-founder

Elsa was born in Pampacancha village. It is located close to Ausangate Mountain (the 5th highest mountain in all Peru). She studied  school and high school in her village. After finishing her studies she worked as a cook on the Inca Trail and many other alternative treks that ended in Machu Picchu. She worked as a head cook for around 3 years, and  also saw how the porters and cooks were mistreated, then she decided to become a tour guide. She applied to the Antonio Institute and studied for 3 years. She guided 3 years and met Abel and together commenced  AB Expeditions in 2016.

She is in charge of all our cooks and porters training, environmental policy, and social projects. You will often see her with our group tours when visiting local schools.

Our Head guides

Our guides have vast knowledge on how to deal with animals and the general appearance of the site, they have considerable knowledge of the cultural heritage of the place which you are visiting and they know how to make you

our amazing chefs

Being a cook for the Inca Trail or any alternative trek to Machu Picchu is not easy at all. Our cook and porters need to carry all the needed ingredients for each day’s meals, set up the kitchen tent, and start the process to provide the greates

At AB Expeditions, by no means we can stand our backbone staff to starve from hunger or the extreme temperatures. We give them proper equipment, uniforms, padded strap backpacks, and most importantly we pay a fair wage.

Our Office staff is the best around. Always pleasant, courteous and always willing to help in any way. Highly recommend anyone to use our services. Once you come to our office, you will meet all of them

We are proud to have amazing drivers on our crew. All of our drivers have experience more than 5 years driving. They drive very  carefully in the specially in the mountains because the Safety is our number one priority.

At AB Expeditions, by no means we can stand our backbone staff to starve from hunger or the extreme temperatures. We give them proper equipment, uniforms, padded strap backpacks, and most importantly we pay a fair wage.

The reason for you

Why travel with us?

on time

we respect the time a lot. For all of our tours we always pick you up on time from your hotel like on Incas times


Our company prides itself in delivering the best experiences by connecting our travelers with the best local guides and experts.

Small groups

We focus on small group and custom tours, this allows our clients to have the full attention of our guides and staff.


AB Expeditions officially licensed tour operator in Peru accredited by the Peruvian Ministry of Tourism (MINCETUR) via DIRCETUR Cusco and the Municipality of Cusco. Below you will see all the licensed that a company required.

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