Our Social projects

It would be tough for us to give back to our local people without your help, by choosing and trusting us to take you in your journey. We don’t only provide you great service. As well as your money also goes for the benefit of people and children who live in remote and poor villages where there is no potable water that’s why we took those hose. You are involved in the money and wonderful projects that our company is doing by choosing and going with AB Expeditions.

  We donated hoses to Alqatari Villages. This village is located 7 hours away from Cusco and people who live there, just drink wáter from natural spring and they have to walk 40 minutes to get wáter for cooking and drinking. 

Since AB Expeditions has been started we have done socials projects in benefits of Andean people and children who live in remote villages. We go to share chocolate with kids of Chillca Community. It was a really nice experience. They were so happy

In order to provide a viable economic alternative for the women to leave the extreme poverty. We start working with the women from Willoq community to develop a women’s weaving cooperative. AB Expeditions groups are able 

Our Company AB Expeditions is dedicated to making a positive impact in the villages where we live and work. We reinvest much of our profits in helping people in remote villages.

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