Trekking Safety Measures in all of our treks to Machu Picchu

The safety and comfort of both guests and the AB Expeditions team is our priority on the trail. We take great pride in the precautions we take during our hikes through the Andes. Our AB team undergoes annual safety and first aid training, and we are all the time aware of weather and trail conditions. At AB Expeditions, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety of our staff, guests, and the communities we find on our travels.

Although we prepare for the worst-case scenarios, such situations are rare. Altitude sickness and minor injuries such as scrapes, blisters, and stomach discomfort are the most common problems faced by our clients during the hike. To deal with such situations, our tour guides carry a complete first-aid kit that includes medications like ibuprofen and ciprofloxacin for pain, swelling, cuts, scrapes, and blisters. The tank of Oxygen is always available for you, and larger groups with two guides will have an additional oxygen tank. In addition, they carry thermometers, oximeters, and blood pressure cuffs to monitor our hikers’ health.

Satellite Phones

At AB Expeditions, we understand that your safety is of the utmost importance while hiking in the Andes. While we appreciate the opportunity to disconnect from everyday stressors, we also recognize the need for immediate access to emergency resources in the event of an unforeseen circumstance. Therefore, we have invested in reliable SATELLITE PHONES that will be fully charged and available to every guide taking part in our Hikes.

satellites phones

With a direct line to medical professionals, we have significantly increased our rapid response rate to any emergency, ensuring that our clients are removed from harm’s way as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition to our satellite phones, we also provide radios to further ensure seamless communication among our team.

We kindly ask that you can use our satellite phone in case of an emergency and cover the applicable charges of $2.00 per minute. Payment for these charges can be made in cash at our office or through Credit Card completion of the trek. We believe that these precautions will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the Andes with peace of mind, knowing that you are in good hands.

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We have established a collaboration with Clinic 02 and Medical to enhance our medical support capabilities.

Our collaboration with Clinic 02 and Medical ensures that we have constant access to medical professionals. During our annual training in February, a doctor from our partner clinics leads the session, and throughout the year, they work with us to ensure that our guides are up to date with the latest medical protocols.

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Drinking Water

It is of utmost importance to be cognizant of the quality of water consumed during treks. We are pleased to inform you that the water provided for consumption during your journey is glacier water derived from rivers and streams. This water is meticulously filtered, boiled, and chilled before it is served, rendering it safe for consumption without requiring any additional purification pills. We take utmost care to ensure the health and well-being of our esteemed tourists and porters and take every measure to provide only the highest quality amenities, including water, during treks.

Training sessions are conducted every year for the trekking teams.

Our tour guides go through annual safety and first aid training, which takes place every February. During this training event, we hire medical doctors to refresh their knowledge and skills in rescue and evacuation procedures, as well as the treatment of major and minor injuries.

Medical Emergency Response on the Trail


All AB Expeditions guides are equipped with oximeters to constantly monitor the oxygen levels of trekkers as they ascend to higher elevations. Altitude affects everyone differently, and our guides will keep track of your oxygen saturation levels and advise you on when to use the portable oxygen tank that they carry with them.

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First Aid & O2 Kit

Our guides will bring a portable oxygen tank and a comprehensive first aid kit that includes medication and other necessary equipment for your safety and health on the trail. We also recommend that our guests bring their own medical kit that contains their personal medication and any preferred supplements, such as vegan options.

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Our guides will monitor your vital signs, including your heart rate and blood pressure, to ensure that you are in good health while trekking in the mountains. They will take appropriate measures if any signs of health issues arise.

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