The Sacred Valley has a relatively warm climate which creates a good condition for agriculture, and it is not only now, but it has been so for centuries; therefore, you will still see farmers working side by side near the eucalyptus trees as woodsmoke drift from behind. Cusco is the main jumping-out point for visiting the Sacred Valley Peru, and along the way, there are several Andean villages dotted with several Incan Ruins. Sacred Valley tour usually ends at Ollantaytambo because the trains depart to Machu Picchu from Ollantaytambo.

Sacred Valley location

The Sacred Valley Perú stretches for about 100 km southeast to northwest in northern Cusco.

Is sacred valley worth visiting?

The answer is a resounding yes. It is worth a day trip from Cusco to visit the Sacred Valley. Generally, many tourists do the sacred valley full-day tour, although some claim that a day tour is simply not enough as they don’t want to rush from place to place. The scenery is breathtaking, and there are lots of attractive villages to pass through and experience the authentic Andean way of life.

Things to do in the sacred valley

There is plenty of places to visit and things to do once you are in the Sacred Valley, ranging from half-day tours to Sacred Valley full-day tours and excursions. The fact that Sacred Valley is between Cusco and Machu Picchu makes almost all visitors arrive at Sacred Valley at least for a little while before continuing to Machu Picchu. Sacred Valley tours are doable as a pre-Machu Picchu tour or post-Machu Picchu tour, although doing them first is the best option. With that said, let us share Things to do in the Sacred Valley then you will be able to choose which place to go.

What to see in Sacred Valley

Traveling through the Sacred Valley, you will see extensive pieces of farming land, and depending on the season, you may see fields that are still turned by an ox team conducted by a man, or the valley will look so green & lush-very picturesque. Also, you can well spot the Incan walls and terraces scattered throughout the valley, and some of them are simply baffling; hence these are cliff-hugging terraces and walls.

How far is Sacred Valley from Cusco

The closest village to enter the Sacred Valley when traveling from Cusco is Pisac at 19 mi / 31 km. If you are traveling straight to Machu Picchu, then you will be in the Sacred Valley´s Urubamba city and Ollantaytambo town in around 90 minutes ride.

Is sacred Valley safe?

It is always good to be a little curious about safety wherever you are going. Tv news reports incidents such as muggings and thefts that occur in Lima or larger cities in Peru but concerning Valle Sagrado, the reports are almost non-existent, which is good and that is to say, the Sacred Valley is safer than the Cusco city itself.

Sacred Valley Ruins

Among many ruins in the Sacred Valley, the most currently visited places are Pisac and Ollantaytambo. Seeing those places will really make you scratch your head trying to understand the capability of the ancient people who built them.

Sacred valley tickets

It is called Boleto Turistico Integral, the ticket that allows you to enter the sites managed by the ministry of culture in Cusco and the Sacred  Valley. This Sacred Valley permit is priced at 130 soles for foreign adults and valid for 10 days. On the other hand, there is what is known as Boleto Turistico Parcial, which is exclusively to visit the ruins in the Sacred Valley priced at 70 soles and valid for 2 days. More about ticket types students, children at the official website of the ticket office or get them personally at Av El Sol 185 near the main square In Cusco.

How high is the sacred Valley? 

Of all of the places included in the current Sacred Valley tours, the only place that sits at a higher altitude is Pisac ruins, reaching 3347 m high. Then the journey from Pisac town 2 900 m inclines down to 2 800 m in Ollantaytambo. If you are including Chinchero village, then you will be back to a high elevation of 3 700 m.

Sacred Valley weather

The Sacred Valley has a nice climate where the average temperature fluctuates around 12ºC. And depending on the month of the year, the minimum and maximum temperatures range from 2 ° C to 23 ° C.

Sacred Valley zipline

We Humans can’t fly on our own; however, when ziplining, it feels like we were flying just like any other bird does but unfortunately at some point, it has to end, and we have to walk on the earth again. For many, spending a few minutes soaring up in the air is a truly unique experience, and let us show you where in the sacred valley you can venture on ziplining. 

We found at least three places where the zipline cables were installed in the Sacred Valley. First, the Natura Vive zipline, which is in Pachar near Ollantaytambo with 7 lines in total, having a 700 meters line as its longest. Second, the Puma path Zipline, whose facilities were pitched at a mountainside beyond Ollantaytambo town. Here, adrenaline practitioners experience a 1.8 km fast soar and then another 800 m cable. And finally, Cuscozipline Adventure near Chinchero village in a place known as Raqchi.

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