rainbow mountain in september


The weather at Rainbow Mountain stays sunny and dry for the most part in September, and although there will be marginally more chance of rain than in high season it will also be slightly warmer overall: There are short blizzards when you climb, though it is not constant. If there is snow, this shouldn’t be heavy as in the rainy season, so the weather in September while hiking Rainbow Mountain won’t impact your trip. The funny thing sometimes is that when you get to the parking lot and trailhead area, you see all-mountain slopes blanketed in snow, then later as you ascend the mountain, it melts and melts until you ascend the mountain the colored mountain slopes stand out in the end. With the drop in the number of visitors to Peru, Rainbow Mountain viewpoints long lines are over, making it perfect for taking pictures in solitude.

When is the best time of the day to visit Rainbow Mountain in September?

The best time to visit Rainbow Mountain in September is from 06:00 am until 09:00 am. At this time of the day, there are few people at the viewpoint so you can take pictures in solitude and the solar heating warms the surface and destroys the clouds, all that rising fogs vanish and reveal Rainbow Mountain early.

Things to know

  • The temperature in Rainbow Mountain fluctuates between 25°(C 77°F) and 2°C(35°F)
  • September is the rainy season’s beginning and the dry season’s end.
  • Cold days and nights start decreasing, and the temperatures start getting warmer with a mild climate.
  • The first rains of September might surprise you at any time so bring your rain gear.


  • You will hike Rainbow Mountain without the crowd, like in May, June, July, and August.
  • You will still have sunny days to take a nice picture of this colorful mountain.
  • clouds will provide some shade while hiking Rainbow Mountain.


  • You might get some rain in the afternoons.


  • Try to book with companies who leave early Cusco. So you will have Rainbow Mountain only for you.
  • Put on sunblock and wear a sunhat because the sun is a scorcher at times when you are over 4700 meters.
  • Bring layers. Although it will be sunny and pleasant most of the time, early rains can pour down in late September, so bring your rain gear.
  • Put on good trekking boots because you won´t like to walk in your wet socks if there is thick snow.


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