rainbow moutain hike in october


This month is the very end of dry season in the Peruvian Andes, although rain will get more frequent as the month progress. October has little wet weather and is still shoulder season. This is good month to hike Around ausangate trek that in Rainbow Mountain. But you need to plan in early morning because in the afternoons it start raining.

Things to know

  • The temperature in Rainbow Mountain fluctuates high of 25°C(77°F) and low 4°C(39°F October is the end of the dry season in the Andes.
  • Most days offer good weather.
  • At this time of year, the rains in Rainbow Mountain usually come in the afternoons.
  • October is one of the best times to hike Rainbow Mountain, little rain is expected, and you are away from the cold temperature of Peruvian winter.
  • It is important to check whether because Rainbow Mountain sees snowfalls in October.
  • Cloudless skies during the morning and noon.
  • This month rides the line between wet and dry seasons.


  • Easy to find horses to ride.
  • The amount of people hiking the Rainbow Mountain starts decreasing.
  • Mountains turn green with early rains.
  • Alpacas come by close on a good weather day, you can hang out with them longer.


  • Early unpredictable rains threaten in the afternoon hours.
  • Sometimes the snow cover the Mountain.


  • Check the weather yourself before you book, although this can change for the next day.
  • If you plan to hike Rainbow Mountain in October, we recommend you for early October because in last 2 weeks of October the rain gets more intense.
  • We recommend you to get early to the Rainbow Mountain in October because after 9 am there are a lot of people at the viewpoint.
  • Drink hot Coca tea or some other herbal teas that the local men and women sell for a couple of soles, this will keep you warmed.
  • Put on sunblock and wear a long brim hat, for skin protection.
  • Bring gloves and warm hat when the weather change, they help a lot.
  • Dress in layers and properly but most importantly, put on good hiking shoes because you won´t like to walk on your wet socks if there is thick snow on the trail.


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