how is Rainbow Mountain in November? November is right at the start of the wet season, which means it is more likely to have some rain anytime, but the heavy rain doesn’t really start until December/January. There are days in which you have poor visibility of the colors due to weak sunlight and overcast days. Even though it is the rainy season, you still have a chance of having good weather in Rainbow Mountain in November. No floods and road washouts and things of that sort. The number of tourists continues to decrease so you will visit Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley with fewer visitors.

When is the best time of the day to visit Rainbow Mountain in November?

The best time to visit Rainbow Mountain in November is from 07 am – 09 am because after 10 am it is very crowded and there is not even space to take pictures. And in the afternoon it rains most of the time.

Things to know

  • In November Rainbow Mountain area receives afternoon rainfalls, and sometimes it extends all through the night, leaving some snow for the next day.
  • You don’t have to worry that much about crowds and long lines of picture takers at the viewpoint because you will find space for your pictures and selfies as well.
  • The temperature in Rainbow Mountain fluctuates between 26°C(78°F) and 3°C(37°F)
  • If you plan to hike Rainbow Mountain in November, bring your rain gear to make the most out of your adventure.
  • Nighttime temperatures are warmer than the high season months(May-August)
  • It rains on average 10 days a month.
  • if you want to hike Rainbow Mountain with fewer people, then November is your month.
  • The weather pattern in Rainbow Mountain in November, it rains in the afternoons and it is usually covered in fog early in the mornings
  • As November progresses, the chance of rain increases.


  • Ground-level furry Cactus plants that populate the slopes below the trails come into blossom.
  • Rainbow Mountain is not crowded at this time of the year.
  • Temperatures are warm during the day and night.
  • There will be a few people making lines to take a classical picture of Rainbow Mountain from the viewpoint.
  • More opportunities to hang out with Rainbow Mountain Alpacas.
  • Travel companies and hotels lower their prices.


  • The views are extremely limited because of the thick mist that covers the mountains.
  • The downpour makes the trail slippery and muddy, therefore unsafe.
  • The chances to see the Ausangate mountain from Rainbow Mountain are very Little because of the thick cloud.
  • Sometimes only real early hikers get to see a beautiful sunrise in the mountain in that early hour. After that, the fog starts shrouding the mountain until quite late.
  • Mountain weather is hard to predict and changes a lot. This will lead to rain showers, snow, and hailstorms anytime in the afternoon or night.
  • Lightning strikes mean a big risk, although it comes occasionally with hailstorms. 


  • If you are thinking to visit Rainbow Mount in November, we highly recommend you book in early November because in late November the rain gets worse.
  • Checking the weather before booking the Rainbow Mountain hike is highly recommended. It may be a miserable day with only snow to see, which can impact your Peru Vacation. Dress in layers and properly but most importantly, put on good hiking shoes because you won´t like to walk in your wet socks if there is thick snow.
  • If you are a good hiker, go straight to the viewpoint to see the sunshine because later most likely clouds will make the view poor or fog will start to cover it.
  • Take with you walking sticks because they help a lot when the ground is muddy
  • Leave the metal rings and earrings at hotels; there is a danger of being caught by a lightning strike. Especially if you are doing an afternoon Rainbow Mountain hike.


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