rainbow mountain in marchrainbow mountain in march


What is Rainbow Mountain in March look like? March is also within the wet season and still with heavy rains and snow in the region of Rainbow Mountain and Ausangate. Due to the wet conditions of the trail and bad weather, few visitors are taking this trip. Of course, this is not to say that all March is going to be rainy and there is no way of getting there; there surely will be nice days with nice weather. And during those days, the hike becomes memorable, walking among the beautifully dressed local people.

When is time of the day to visit the Rainbow Mountain in March?

The best time visit to Rainbow Mountain in March is from 9 am to 1 pm. At this time of the day, the mist move away and reveal Rainbow Mountain in its glory. If you go for 06:00 am, there is an 80% of chance to see it cloudy, and in the afternoon heavy rain comes.

Things to know

  • March is the end of the rainy season in the Andes.
  • Most of the days the sky is cloudy, but there are also short periods of clear days.
  • Rainbow Mountain in March should expect an average of 20 days of rain.
  • The temperature in Rainbow Mountain fluctuates between high of 22°C (71°F) low of 3°C (37°F)


  • You won’t be fighting traffic out in the trail up to the mountain.
  • See the ground-level natural grass that mantles the mountain slopes in green shades and also see some flowering cactus populations at this time of the year.
  • See small areas of swamps that host birds and serve for little alpacas as water wells, and there are some small lakes, that towards the end of April dry out.
  • The trail at this time is going to be much better than the previous month but still wet.
  • The sun comes earlier; thereby, you have more chances of getting good opportunities for pictures with the mountain under the sunshine and with only a handful of people (only for early risers).


  • You hike in hopes of seeing the Rainbow Mountain, the beautiful area, but when you make it up, no Rainbow because of snow.
  • The bright and colorful mountains that you see in the pictures won’t look the same as the sunshine is poor and the skies cloudy.
  • Whenever it rains, the trail is going to have puddles and be slippery.
  • If it turns out to be a hazy and misty day, there won’t be sunshine to get warm.
  • Lightning threatens in the afternoon hours, especially to those carrying jewels and cel phones.


  • If you plan to Visit Rainbow Mountain in March, we recommend you late March because there is less chance to get heavy rain.
  • Try not to go too early or too late, it is nice to be the first, but sometimes, after heavy snow the night before, you will barely see the colors. It depends on luck.
  • Still bring a raincoat, a poncho, hiking shoes with a good grip, hiking poles, and a drybag for any of your devices.
  • Have a bar of chocolate for cold days, this is going to get you a bit warm.
  • Leave the metal rings and earrings at hotels; there is a danger of being caught by a lightning strike. Especially if you are doing afternoon hike.
  • If you are looking for quietness and solitude, you better take the two-day Rainbow Mountain hike, that way, on the second day, you will hit the Rainbow Mountain without anyone around.


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