Hiking the Inca Trail in November may be wet and muddy as the rains have already started in September; however, rains are not all day long, and there can be days with no rain at all. The other thing is that rains usually shower by the afternoon rather than the morning hours, and it may last long or vanish in an instant as the winds blow. So, in essence, travelers will be able to enjoy the Inca trail trek amid the green landscapes of the thriving flora. November is also considered a shoulder month for tourism in Cusco, meaning that the Inca trail is not packed with so many hikers.

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Things to know

  • November is still a good month to hike Inca Trail with pleasant weather.
  • There is also a lot of birdlife and flora, particularly orchids along the Inca Trail.
  • The Inca Trail starts to see warmer temperatures and more moisture in November.
  • It still a good idea to reserve your Inca trail in advance if you’re visiting during this time.
  • The temperatures dont dip below freezing even at night.
  • There is not too much rainfall during November yet.
  • The rainy season is just starting in November, so you will get many days of rain.
  • The landscapes are green everywhere.
  • Rain: On average, rain falls 14 days of the month.
  • Temperature: It ranges between 3.8 and 23.8-celsius degrees. (35 and 75 ° F) 

inca trail in november


  • Walk with fewer visitors and spectacular views of the mountains.
  • The temperature is warmer, especially at night, with a significant variation comparing months like June or July.
  • Rain is still not out in full force in November.
  • Chance to get Inca trail permits, sometimes even upon arrival to Cusco.
  • Orchids come into blossom.
  • Water cascades to see from mid-hike.
  • You are going to enjoy the green landscapes of the thriving flora along the Inca Trail.
  • Clouds swirl around the summit of the Mountains


  • Hiking the Inca Trail can be with rain, which means wet and muddy trails and campsites.
  • The sun’s radiation is fierce, even if it is in the afternoons. Have a sun cream in your pocket.
  • On foggy days, visibility in the Inca Trail mountains is mostly reduced.
  • If you get poor weather, you can miss out on the wide-open vistas that are guaranteed during the dry season.
  • Heavy downpour with claps of thunder and strokes of lightning might happen on top of the mountains.
  • Mosquitos will get you and bother.

inca trail in november


  • If you plan to hike the Inca Trail in November, bring your good rain gear to make the most out of your adventure.
  • Using hiking poles is a must when the trail gets slippery.
  • Well-made rain gear for the trek is definitely necessary.
  • Bring mosquito repellents
  • Bring sunblock and chapstick for skin protection.
  • Book your inca Trail permits for November 4 months in advance to get good campsites. 

Do you have a rough idea of when the permits for November sell out by?

It all depends on Peru’s political situation. In 2019 before the pandemic, the Inca Trail permits were sold out for November 2 months in advance. However this year there are plenty of Inca trail permits for November. So you could still find the permits even upon arrival.

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This video will show you how is the landscapes in November on Inca Trail. Some days are misty and rainy, some days not. Don’t forget your Raincoat because the weather changes quickly. 

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