If you are wondering how to buy your Machu Picchu tickets on the official site, you are here in the right place. To start you need to go to This is the only official site with the right Price. If you google, you will find a lot of websites offering Machu Picchu tickets, but their prices are higher because they charge you additional comisión to help to buy your ticket. Here is this blog, we will help to purchase Macchu Picchu tickets step by step. 

Step 1. Google the official Ministry of Culture website:

The homepage will look like this:

machu picchu gop pe

Step 2. Choose the type of ticket that you want to purchase.

There are 5 options available. You need to choose one of all of them.

how to buy machu picchu tickets

Step 3: Choose where are you from. and Choose the date and fill out all the requirements. 

  1. Click on the General button, if you are not from Peru or Colombia, or Ecuador. 
  2. Choose the date
  3. Fill out the number of adults. 
  4. If you have students, fill out the number of students. 
  5. If you have kids, fill out the amount. 
  6. The last step should be cliking on disponibilidad butoon. 

Step 4. Choose the schedule. 

  1. Choose the schedule of your visit. 
  2. Click on Continua con la Reserva. 

how to book your machu picchu tickets

Step 5. Enter the complete information of all participants

  1. Fill out the nationality
  2. Fill out the passport number
  3. Fill out your last name
  4. Fill out your full name. 
  5. Click in Siguiente

where to buy machu picchu tickets

Step 6. Fill out your email address and your address. 

  1. Fill out your valid email address and reconfirm. 
  2. Fill out your current address
  3. Click on Generar reserva. 

how to book machu picchu online

Step 7.- Accept the term and Conditions. 

  1. Click on Leer y Aceptar los temimos y condiciones
  2. Click on Leer y aceptar los protocols de bioseguridad
  3. Click on Leer y aceptar las condiciones de uso del boleto.
  4. The last step is clicking the aceptar. 

buying machu picchu tickets

Step 8.- Copy the reservation code and print. 

  1. Copy the reservation code. 

how to pay machu picchu tickets

Step 9: Choose the method of payment

  1. click on the credit simbols. 
  2. Click where it says Acepto las condiciones para pagos mediante esta plataforma. 
  3. The last step is clicking on Continuar. 

Step 10: Click now to pay. 

pay here

Step 11: Fill out your credit card information. 

how to buy machu picchu tickets online

Step 12: Print your ticket

Once you pay it, the website recognizes your payment. So it will deliver you an email with the confirmation and your Machu Picchu ticket in PDF format. Below you will see a sample.

machu picchu llacta ticket

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