The gringo killer steps on the  Inca Trail

There are many gringo killer steps on the Inca trail. We will describe just some of them, don’t be surprised if you find more than we describe. Below you will find the scariest ones

There are 6 Gringo Killers stairs on Inca Trail

The first one

It is just after the Runkurakay pass(the second-highest pass) on Inca Trail. After you cross the túnel you will come across the first steep descent, it looks scary but is very short so it is manageable.

The second one

It is located in the Sayacmarca ruins. In order to climb to these Inca ruins there are steep stairs. If you want to visit this amazing Inca site, you have to climb those stairs. At least 10% of travelers don’t visit this site because of these stairs. If you want to climb it, you need to have a small backpack because the stairs are very narrow in the middle and if you have a big backpack, they can push you down to the Cliff.

gringo killer steps at sayacmarca ruins in inca trail

The third one

This is located in Phuyupatamarca ruins. Most tour guides take their customers to the upper platform to explain the site. From that place, there is a short cut but the stairs are steep downhill. If you want to avoid this gringo killer, take the longer trail, it is safe to hike the longer trail.

gringo killer steps in inca trail

The fourth one

It is located after the Phuyupatamarca. After you visit the Inca site, you will hike 500 meters, you will come across 2 gringos killer stairs, those stairs are carved into one solid rock so in rainy season it is very slippery, so hiking poles are a must. We highly recommend you stroll on those stairs.

The fith one

It is located in Inti pata ruins, After having the guided tour at the site, you hike down to Wiñaywayna campsite. On the way, you will find steep stairs where again you have to be careful. Those stairs are nice to take pictures.

gringo killer steps in intipata ruins

The sixth one.

The last one is famous. On day 3 in the evening, after the farewell with the porters, the guide will explain the following day’s itinerary, and he will mention the gringo killer steps. It looks scary but it is not. It is located 1 hour away from Wiñaywayna campsite. Just before getting to the sun gate. We recommend you use your hands at time climbing and put your hiking poles in our backpack.

gringo killer steps on inca trail

Frequently asked questions

Why is called gringo killer steps?

Actually, the Inca trail guides come out with this name to make a joke with their customers.

Has anyone died at the Inca trail steps?

Historically no one died in the Inca trail stairs. There was not even an accident there.

Is it dangerous the Stairs?

It is not dangerous unless you do crazy things there. If you trip on those stairs, you might get injured seriously thats why we really ask you to hike carefully on those stairs.

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