7 kilos of your Personal belonging is included with us

Some companies may charge extra for the 7Kg weight limit, leaving clients with the choice of carrying everything on their backs, which can be challenging during the trek. However, at AB Expeditions, we include the 7Kg duffel bag in the price to ensure that you don’t have to worry about this issue. Additionally, we hire more porters to ensure that the weight is distributed evenly, making their jobs easier and ensuring your safety and comfort during the trek.

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What are the dimensions of your duffel bags?

Our duffel bags measure 66cm x 33cm (25.9 inches x 12.9 inches).

Please note that the weight of your sleeping bag and air mattress are included in the 7kg limit. If you’re renting these items from us, it’s important to know that they weigh a total of 3 kilograms, which leaves you with 4 kilograms for your personal belongings. This should be more than enough space to pack what you need for the trek.

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When we hike the Inca Trail, it’s essential to keep the weight we carry to a minimum for the safety and well-being of our group and the hard-working porters who help us along the way. The Inca Trail is strictly regulated to preserve the park and support the staff who make the trek possible. As a licensed tour operator, AB Expeditions follows these rules carefully, including the 7 kg weight limit for each client. To make it easier for our clients, we provide duffel bags that are the ideal size to carry the allowed weight while also being comfortable for our team to transport.

Do I access my duffle bag all the time?

Unfortunately, the system on the Inca Trail and alternative treks are different and porters do not hike alongside hikers. Instead, you can only access your duffel bag at the campsites. Our hardworking porters will ensure that everything is set up for you to enjoy your meals after trekking. They will trek ahead to the lunch spot to set everything up, and once you have finished your meal and continue on your trek, they will pack everything up and trek to the next campsite. There, they will set everything up again before the hikers arrive.

Can I hire Extra Porter?

We completely understand that the 7-kilogram limit may not be sufficient based on your requirements. In this case, you have the option to hire an additional porter who can carry an extra duffel bag, allowing you an additional 7 kilograms of weight. To arrange for an extra porter, please get in touch with our sales representative, who will check the availability and make the necessary arrangements. The same rules that apply to a regular duffel bag will also apply to this extra bag, and you will only have access to it at the campsites. The cost of hiring an extra porter is $100.

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When can I expect to receive my duffel bag?

Your duffel bag will be issued to you during the briefing session, where our guide will explain in detail how to use it and how to pack your belongings. Once the briefing is over, you will have the opportunity to take your duffel bag with you back to your hotel and start packing. If you are unable to attend the briefing session or require a rescheduling, please inform our team, and we will be happy to provide any assistance you need.

What items should I pack in my duffel bag?

As previously stated, since you will only be able to access your duffel bag at the campsites, it is recommended to pack essential items in your daypack for easy access during the trek, including water, sunglasses, snacks, a change of clothes, medication, and a jacket for the afternoon. Other items such as extra clothes, shoes, medication, snacks, and personal belongings can be packed in your duffel bag.

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