April is a shoulder season, for the most part, travelers will encounter fewer hikers on the trail, which makes for a more enjoyable hike; therefore, April is considered the best month to hike the Inca Trail.

The weather conditions get better. After the constant and heavy rains in the region, the clouds finally move away, and the sun comes through for illuminating the lush exuberant countrysides. Although the sun shines during the day, assume you are still going to see a little bit of rain mixed with fog, but it wouldn´t take long. At this time of the year, all vegetation along the Inca Trail has got at their bloom, and the scenery is fabulous, but when winter comes, all flowers and plants freeze and dry. If you are seeking both fewer crowds and mild weather, April is of the best month to hike the Inca trail.

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Things to Know

  • Reservations of the Inca Trail for April are much less competitive than in June through August.
  • The rainy season is over by the middle of the month.
  • Orchids sprout from nearly every crevice along the Inca trail in April.
  • April is still much quieter than in the peak season of June through August.
  • If Holy Week falls in April, Inca trail permits run out quickly. Book your permits well in advance. Because this is the time when Peruvians and South Americans take extended vacations
  • April is the best time of year on the Inca Trail for plant lovers, when the flora is at its absolute best after the rainy season, offering great views.
  • This month is good for photographers who will take perfect shot, with plenty of sun and a few sweeps of cloud, and before high season crowds arrive.
  • You may get light rain hiking the Inca trail in early April, but you will enjoy the magic of low-hanging clouds swirling around the green mountains.
  • Rain: On average, rain falls 9 days of the month.
  • Temperature: It ranges between 2.2 and 20-celsius degrees. (32 and 69 ° F).

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  • Perfect weather for shooting a timelapse of clouds.
  • Witness some incredible Rainbow phenomenon.
  • Because of the good weather, you can see some stunning scenery – mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, flowers, etc.
  • April is a brilliant season for wildlife lovers.
  • Tranquillity and beauty flood the Inca trail in April.
  • The temperature is still warm.


  • Clouds are still shading the landscape, which may shower for a moment.
  • Some days the Sun Gate is obscured by mist constantly so you won’t have the first glimpse of the lost city of the Incas.

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  • We recommend you book your Inca Trail in late April because in early April there is still a chance to get rain on the Trail.
  • Well-made rain gear for the trek is definitely necessary.
  • Bring a plastic bag for smartphones and other devices.

inca trail in april

Do you have a rough idea of when the permits for April sell out by?

Basically, it depends on Peru’s political situation. In 2019, prior to the onset of the pandemic, permits for April were typically in high demand, often being booked three months in advance. This was because April marks the beginning of the dry season, which is the preferred time for hiking. However, in 2023, the situation has changed. Permits are running out one month in advance. This change is primarily attributed to a strike that occurred in January, leading to the temporary closure of the Inca Trail. As a result, many hikers became concerned that the strike might continue, prompting them to alter their plans and consider alternative destinations.

A key activity in Cusco

One of the busiest weeks in Cusco is the holly week when all saints from different churches within the city of Cusco meet as traditionally it was at the main square. The festivities begin the Monday of the last Sunday of lent that can fall in late March or early April with the procession of the lord of the earthquake, the most celebrated procession with thousands of devotees. It doesn’t really mean the Inca trail is going to be crowded; however, it is a religious party in the city of Cusco and mostly taken part by locals.

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