In order to take a taxi from Cusco to Ollantaytambo, there are 3 ways. Below we will describe all of them.

01.-  Take a taxi from Pavitos Street

You should go to Pavistos Street. It is located just 10 minutes of walking from the Main Square. There are many taxi drivers who will call you once you get there. If you share the service with other people, it will cost you 15 soles($5). However, if you want to hire a taxi only for you, it will cost 80 soles ($25).

Be warned: Some taxi drivers are known for speeding and overtaking dangerously on the curved roads heading to Ollantaytambo. Don’t hesitate to tell the driver to slow down if his driving is risky. If you are scared easily, you might avoid the taxis.

02.- Taxi from the airport to Ollantaytambo

At the baggage collections carousel in the terminal, There are desks offering taxi service from the airport to Cusco City or to any other places like Ollantaytambo. Their price is higher, but you won’t be disappointed with the service.

Another option is, once you come out from the airport, you will see many taxi drivers on your left side offering their service.  Most of them are very insistent but don’t let this put you off.  We recommend you agree on the Price very well.

03.- Taxi organized by Hotels and Travel companies

If you want to travel in comfort, request your travel company or your hotel to arrange a taxi to bring you directly from Cusco city or airport to Ollantaytambo. They will offer you a variety of vehicles so the price depends on which vehicle you take.

  • Cusco to Ollantaytambo: 1h30 – 2h, 80 – 100 Soles($25 – $35)
  • Cusco Airport to  Ollantaytambo: 2h – 2h30, 100 – 120 Soles($35 – $40)

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