Here is a little practical information for when you come to visit the Sacred Valley. Sacred Valley is a place that will capture your heart as soon as you travel along 25 km from Cusco city into the Sacred Valley viewpoints or overlook around the mountainsides with stunning snow-clad peaks and the Urubamba river while going on the Huchuy Qosqo trek. Let us share some Sacred Valley Facts and information about this magical destination in Cusco to get you up to speed.

sacred valley facts

Top Facts

  • The Sacred valley contains the majority of the well preserved Incan ruins.
  • The Sacred Valley is the top producer of big white corn.
  • Unfortunately, most sacred valley cities built by the Inca civilization were destroyed by the Spanish conquest.
  • Sacred Valley is at a lower altitude than cusco
  • It is called Sacred Valley because of its alignment with the milky way; however, there is another reason for it to be called like that, and it is the fact that this valley has fertile soil not only now but since times immemorial. Still today, the valley is an important agricultural area, and many crops are still grown there and supplied to Cusco city.
  •  The Incas have chosen to settle in the Sacred Valley partly because of agriculture.
  • The highest point for a full-day Sacred  Valley tour is Pisac Site at 3 347 m altitude. The lowest point is the town of Ollantaytambo at 2800 meters altitude.
  • Sacred Valley has only two of four seasons with about 9 rain-free months. The climate is mild, with warm summers and cold winters. The temperature ranges from 2°C to 23°C. Overall, expect the temperature to be about 14 ° C degrees.
  • Sacred Valley is known for being the mandatory pass, tourist-friendly, safe, and perfect pre-Machu Pichu Picchu trip.
  • The Sacred Valley is home to several pueblos “villages” such as; Pisac, Coya, Lamay, Calca, Urubamba, among many other little hamlets. 
  • Big white corns are one of the most popular regional and international exports from the sacred valley of Peru.
  • Urubamba itself has no major tourist attractions, but it does have more luxurious hotels and restaurants around. Urubamba is the perfect home base for many of the most popular sites and activities in the Sacred Valley. Also if altitude is something you are struggling with, then Urubamba is the place for you due to its lower elevation than Cusco.
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