Rainbow Mountain loop trail

If you are planning to visit the mountain of colors, you should know that you can take advantage of a new Rainbow Mountain loop trail that will allow you to hike through the amazing Red Valley. This is the perfect option for photography enthusiasts and nature lovers, Doing this may make the overall day trip experience more worthwhile and memorable.

There are 2 trails options to the Rainbow Mountain in a loop.

Option 01: On this option, after visiting Rainbow Mountain, you will go just to the viewpoint of the Red Valley then hike down to the bus station by different trail, but you will still see the same landscape that you saw going to the Rainbow Mountain.

This option is for those who go into a bigger group because they don’t have much time.

Option 02: On this option, you will hike through the less crowded Red Valley. You will hike through some isolated villages, where you will interact with the local people that still keep alive the culture. They are mostly alpaca herders.  

This option is only possible for those who booked their Rainbow Mountain trip in a private service and for travelers who go on their own.

Rainbow Mountain loop trail
Why it is not popular?

Because most tour companies take bigger groups so it is difficult to control all the customers and they leave Cusco at 5 am so they don’t have time. Another reason is, it takes an extra 2 hours so it is tiring and demanding. 

Useful information
  • We recommend you leave Cusco very early to have more time to finish the Rainbow Mountain loop trail.
  • If you are going on your own, take extra money because the local people will charge you an entrance fee for their private land.
  • Bring enough wáter. There are no shops in the red valley.
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