Rainbow mountain in January

January is one of the rainiest times of year to visit Rainbow Mountain, it usually rains for 3 days continuously then it stops for a couple of days. You might meet with winds blowing hard, rain, hail, and even snow. If you really want to go to Rainbow Mountain in January, make sure to bring good rain gear and another set of clothes to change into once you finish the trek not to catch any flew.

However, January could be a curiously good month to hike Rainbow Mountain. There will be fewer hikers on the trail, mainly because the wet season and the rain make the mountains green which is good to take nice pictures. And the sun still comes out between the showers to capture the region in all its beauty.

When is the best time of the day to visit Rainbow Mountain in January?

The best time to visit Rainbow Mountain in January is from 10 am – 02 pm because most of the time early in the morning Rainbow Mountain stays misty so if you go early, you will wait 3 hours to take a classical shot and it rains most of the time in the afternoons.

Rainbow mountain in january

Things to know

  • The secondary high season goes with Christmas and New Year, so early January Rainbow Mountain will be relatively busy and the second half of January is less crowded.
  • The weather forecast is not accurate for Rainbow Mountain in January, it changes every 2 hours so you have to be lucky.
  • At Rainbow Mountain in January, it snows sometimes but doesn’t permanently cover it, if it does cover the mountain it typically burns off in the afternoon sun.
  • If you are hiking Rainbow Mountain this month, you should be prepared for itinerary changes, and trail closures due to mudslides.
  • Historically the last 2 weeks of January happened most of the mudslides on the road to Rainbow Mountain.
  • In January the downpour generally comes in the afternoons.
  • January is one of the warmest and wettest months in the Andes.
  • On average, rain falls 19 days a month.
  • The temperature in Rainbow Mountain fluctuates high of 22°C(71° F) and a low of 6°C(42° F).
  • This month is perfect to see the Mountain half snow and half Rainbow.
  • Don’t go to Rainbow Mountain in January in the afternoon because of the lighting. Since the high concentration of minerals. There is a high chance to get stricken by lighting.


  • Rainbow Mountain is less busy at this time of the year(except in early January)
  • Temperatures are warm and the mountains are green.
  • Expect short lines to take a classical picture of Rainbow Mountain from the viewpoint.
  • More opportunities to hang out with Rainbow Mountain Alpacas.
  • Travel companies and hotels lower their prices.


  • The views are extremely limited because of the thick clouds that cover the mountains.
  • The heavy rain makes the trail slippery and therefore unsafe.
  • The road to Rainbow Mountain may be affected by rock falls.
  • The chances to see the Ausangate mountain from Rainbow Mountain are very Little because of the thick cloud.


  • If you are thinking to visit Rainbow Mount in January, we highly recommend you book in early January because in late January the rain gets worse and it gets busy.
  • Make sure you have good rain gear and a rain poncho.
  • We highly recommend you wear trekking shoes with good soles if you are hiking in Rainbow Mountain in January. When it snows, it is almost impossible to hike with sneakers because you will slip all the time and you won’t make it to the viewpoint to take a classical picture.
  • Take with you walking sticks because they help a lot when the ground is muddy.
  • Take pictures every time you have good visibility, you won´t want to wait for another hour standing in a cold place.
  • Try to be in Rainbow Mountain no earlier than 09:00 am because early in the morning this Mountain is covered with clouds and you can’t see a thing. You need some luck because it is the rainy season.
  • Try not to visit Rainbow Mountain on Sundays: Most Peruvian take the weekend to visit Rainbow Mountain, turning it more crowded than the other days of the week.


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