Machu Picchu in August is still within the peak season, therefore, it is still overrun with tourists. From the hundreds of thousands of people visiting Machu Picchu, obviously not all have the same experience as they might have expected, don’t expect Machu Picchu to be easy, especially in this month because it may not be due to many people, but if you can handle it, the rest of things will be at your favor.  As for the weather in Machu Picchu in August,  the nights are very cold, and the day temperatures get high as it is sunny for the most part. The temperature in Machu Picchu fluctuates between 25°C and 10°C (77°F – 50°F).

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When is the best time of the day to visit Machu Picchu in August? 

The best time for a good visit to Machu Picchu Park in August is at around six in the morning and after 2 pm in the afternoon.

  • On 6:00 am shift. You will have the privilege of enjoying the sunrise at Machu Picchu and the solar heating warms the earth and destroys the clouds, all that rising fogs vanish and reveal Machu Picchu early..
  • After 2:00 pm, most of the tourists (at least 80%) have left Machu Picchu and you can enjoy it much better without many crowd. At this time of the day, the park rangers are more flexible and allow you to stay a bit longer at some spots of the Inca Citadel. Another plus of visiting Machu Picchu in the afternoon is that the sunset views are impressive and quite underrated.

machu picchu in august

Things to Know

  • August the last month of high season in Machu Picchu.
  • Historically, Machu Pichu gets the highest number of visitors in August.
  • It rains on average 4 days of the month
  • The Temperatures during the nights and early mornings are very cold. but warm in the day.
  • Machu Picchu is very crowded as many people from the northern hemisphere come to Peru in their summer vacation.
  • The early Machu Picchu tickets run out a month in advance.
  • You wont find Mapi tickets from one day to the next day. 
  • The hike to the sun gate, Machu Picchu mountain, and Huayna Picchu is worth it in August. Once you get on the summit of the Mountains, you will have amazing view of Machu Picchu.


  • You will have Cloudless skies and amazing mountain views around Machu Picchu.
  • You wont worry about rain during your visit to Machu Picchu in August.


  • Long lines for boarding the bus from Machu Picchu to Aguas Calientes.
  • Prices are inflated for Hotel, and trains due to the high demand.
  • Many people at the train stations.
  • Key photo spots in Machu Picchu are usually busy.
  • The sun’s heat is strong. It burns you and gets you sweaty. 
  • It is not easy to get earlier hour train tickets.


  • Book Machu Picchu tickets in advance. They run out quickly.
  • The sun is a scorcher, it burns whenever the sky is cloudless, so make sure to put on your sunblock and wear a cap or long brim hat. 
  • Bring clothing in layers. Although it will be sunny and pleasant during the day, at night the temperatures drop significantly, so bring a jacket, gloves, and a warm hat is a good option for being out late.

Do you have a rough idea of when the Machu Picchu tickets for Augsut sell out by?

Machu Picchu tickets for circuits 1 and 2 during the initial two weeks of August are typically sold out three months ahead of time, while tickets for circuits 3 and 4 are generally sold out a month in advance. However, for the final two weeks of August, tickets with circuits 1 and 2 run out two months prior, and tickets for circuits 3 and 4 still run out 1 month in advance.

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