The Best Inca Trail pictures to inspire you to travel 

We hope these Inca Trail pictures will inspire you to hike the classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu this year! Make sure to secure your permits early if you would like to hike this amazing trek: the Inca Trail permits sell out 6 months in advance for high season(June – August). Here are the Inca Trail 4 days hike in photos. Enjoy.

Day 01: Cusco – km 82 – Wayllabamba – Ayapata

Once you pass the checkpoint, you hike for 10 minutes and you will come across the Inca Trail sign where you need to take a picture.

inca trail pictures

It would be nice to have photos of your porters while hiking. They usually start hiking after then they pass you to prepare the food for you. 

inca trail photo

The first Inca ruins that you will find is the Llacta pata. All the guides stop there to explain the site so take advantage to take nice pictures. 

inca trail photos

After you eat your Lunch in Wayllabamba, you hike up to the Ayapata campsite. Just before you arrive at the campsite you will find a bridge that is a beautiful spot to take a nice picture

inca trail bridge

Day 02: Ayapata – Dead Woman pass – Pacaymayo – Chakicocha. 

Once we have breakfast at Ayapata campsite, we hike along the stream. Also, there are plants that surround you. It looks like you are in an eyebrow of the jungle. 

inca trail streams

On the way to Dead woman pass, you will find a resting place called Llulluchapampa where you can take a picture of the valley to the highest pass of all Inca Trail. 


This is a classical picture of a dead woman pass. From the top, you will see 2 valleys. this picture was taken with the east side. 

warmi wañusca pass in inca trail

After resting on the pass, you will hike down to Pacaymayo seeing the view of the picture below. 

dead woman downhill

After your lunch at Pacaymayo campsite, you will hike up to the second pass called(runkurakay pass). After 45 minutes, you will visit the Inca ruins of Runkurakay. 

runkurakay ruins

On the way to the second pass, you will small lakes too. Watch around because Andean dears and foxes come down to drink water there. 

inca trail lake

In the afternoon, we head down to the campsite where our porters will set up the tents ready for you. 

inca trail campsite

At the campsite, you will have memory pictures with your porters, guide, and cooks. 

inca trail photos

Day 03: Chaki Cocha – Intipata – Wiñaywayna.

We wake up on the third day with coca tea, then hike to phuyupamarca inca ruins. On this day we will see the amazing work of the Incas. 

inca trail pictures

While hiking, you will see the fantastic glacier of Salkantay in the distance. 

inca trail photo

After hiking for 2 hours, you will get to the viewpoint of Phuyupamarca ruins where you have to take beautiful pictures of the other valley. 

viewpoint of phuyupamarca ruins

On the way to Wiñaywayna campsite, you will meet the classical pictures spot of all Inca trail where you should have one picture hiking on the stairs. 

monkay steps in inca trail

After hiking for 2 hours from Phuyupatamarca ruins, the trail split in 2. The right one takes you to Wiñaywayna campsite. The left one takes you to Inti pata ruins. This site is less visited because most people go straight to the campsite. The photo below is the Inti Pata. 

intipata ruins

The last campsite is called Wiñaywaywayna, you will get there at midday. You will have your lunch and siesta time then you will hike to Wiñawayna ruins. It is considered the second Machu Picchu. 

wiñaywayna inca ruins

The viewpoint to take a picture with wiñaywayna in the background.

inca trail picture

Day 04: Wiñaywayna – Sungate – Machu  Picchu – Cusco

Once the checkpoint is open at 5:30 am. All the groups start hiking to the sun gate where they will have the first view of Machu Picchu. Below is the photo of Sun Gate. 

sun gate at machu picchu

After 45 minutes of a hike from the sun gate, you will get to Machu Picchu’s classic spot where you will get the postcard shot then visit Machu Picchu. 

machu picchu poscard picture

Those pictures were taken by our AB Expeditions guides. I hope you like them. 

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