Our Tents

Our spacious tents are 4-season, 3-person tents. Each tent is used for 2 people. This leaves a lot of room to spread out comfortably and store your personal packs. They also include a vestibule in front, giving you extra outdoor space to keep your trekking shoes and trekking poles.

inca trail tents

Our Dining Tents

The dining tent we used as our room to have meals and it gives us a chance to sit down, relax and chat before and after our meals. Since it is round in shape, it keeps the warmed inside so on a cold day, you will be warmed.

inca trail dinning tents

Our Matts

We provide Comfortable foam mattresses to separate and insulate you from the ground. We used to have the air mattress, but sometimes it deflate and you will sleep on the group. After hiking for 8 hours you need to rest properly. 

Our Sleeping Bag

We provide you with Mountain hard wear sleeping bags that are usable at -15° C / 5° F.

inca trail sleeping bag

Our Trekking Poles

We provide you with Black diamond walking sticks. They will help you a lot when you go downhill especially on day 3 of the Inca Trail.

inca trail sticks

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