If you don´t know how to get from Cusco to rainbow mountain yet, here, we will reveal some guidelines that you must follow.

Firstly, you should know there are 3 enabled routes to get to rainbow mountain from Cusco:

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The old route (Pitumarca)

From the imperial city of Cusco, it is possible to take public transportation, to begin with. So, head towards Huayruropata Avenue. The landmark is going to be the Peruvian institute of sports (IPD stadium). Right there will be the interprovincial buses running Cusco – Sicuani. There are different bus companies, such as Oriental, Cielo canchino, Zorro, etc. The fare is not too high, on average it is only 7 soles. Make sure you get off the bus in the small town of Checcacupe, about two hours from Cusco. After that, take some Toyota public vans leaving for Pitumarca, it seriously takes only 10 minutes because these are two neighboring towns.

There is remaining one last stretch to be completed so far, since no public cars are going to upper Kayrawiri the trailhead, we recommend renting a local taxi and arrange about costs, time to get back, and everything else. 

On this route, there are two control stalls to pay for the entrance fees. It is about 10 soles for foreign tourists and 5 soles for any Peruvian tourists.

Before 2019, this was the main and popular entrance to the rainbow mountain. However, besides the road ends so close to the rainbow mountain now, most of the travel companies and tourists prefer the recently open track in Cusipata. This new track demands less time from Cusco, therefore, to get to the rainbow mountain as well.

  • Hiking distance: 4 KM (round trip)
  • Walking time: 1 hour approx. (Only one way)
  • Pros: There are very few people, and it is a short hike.
  • Cons: It demands more time and the chance to hike towards the red valley is unlikely.

how to get the rainbow mountain from cusco

The new route (Cusipata)

To get to the rainbow mountain along the new route, follow the same guidelines we have described for the old route. Instead of getting out of the car in Checcacupe, now you should get out of the car some kilometers before. To be specific, at a town called Cusipata. The drive until that point takes 1 hour 30 m. approx. The travel ticket is about 5.5 soles in standard service and 15 soles through fast service cars. This is the shortest way to get from Cusco to rainbow mountain and the most preferred among the tourists.

Once in the Cusipata town, you should take the public transport to Phulawasipata, where the road ends and hiking begins to the colorful rainbow mountain. The public service transportation charges between 15 soles to 20 soles  ( 4 – 5 US dollars) for about 1 hour.

From Cusipata to Phulawasipata, the public service cars set off only in the mornings.  Therefore, it might be recommended to hire a local taxi, as in the old route. On average, the taxi service ranges between 130 soles and 150 soles (30-40 US dollars) round trip.

The distance between Cusco city and the rainbow mountain is about 140 km / 86 ml.

  • Hiking distance: 7 KM (round trip)
  • Walking time: 1 hour 20 minus only one way
  • Pros: The is more chance to visit the red valley.
  • Cons: Lots of people going on the route.

cusco to rainbow mountain

Adventure route from Cusco to Ranbow Mountain (Ausangate)

This is the best choice for adventure enthusiasts. It can be a challenging route, but it offers magnificent landscapes to wander in and to live rewarding experiences, interacting with the local population. In many ways, the strong cultural components of the local people easily exceed the highest expectations that of an epic journey.

The safest way to get to the rainbow mountain through the Ausangate route is by taking a tour company, licensed as Ab expeditions. Ausangate trek can be tailored from two days hike up to 7 days trek.

how to get rainbow Mountain by ausangate

This is the map guide to the rainbow mountain along the old route which is Pitumarca. 

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