Ausangate Huts and Cabins

The Ausangate area experiences cold temperatures, with nights below 5°C and daytime reaching 20°C. Cold winds are present, along with rains and snowfalls. During the rainy season (Dec-Mar), daily afternoon rain and snow up to a meter occur. To ensure safety, our guides shake the tents at night, and we provide cabins and kitchens in each camp for protection from the cold and comfortable dining.

Where are the huts and cabins located?

We are one of the pioneer agencies in designing the itineraries on the Ausangate route including the Rainbow Mountain. When Rainbow Mountain was discovered in 2015, the itineraries changed completely. Therefore we look for places with amazing views of Ausangate Glacier to build our huts and cabins.

Our first camp with cabins is located 7 kilometers from the beginning of the trek in the place called Upis Pampa at 4400 masl. This place is strategic because it has an impressive view of the imposing snow-capped Ausangate. This place is also close to the Upis hot springs, so our clients have the chance to go take a bath after walking on the first day. The other reason that this place is strategic is that the place is located at a lower altitude and we recommend staying there the first night. Because it has access to motorcycles for any emergency. We had bad experiences in the first years of our operation, we took our clients to the Yanacocha or Pucacocha camp and they got sick and we had to evacuate, from that date, we no longer take those camps. We only take if the passenger has already done the walk in Huaras, therefore he has experience.

ausangate huts

Our second camp is at Pucacoccha Lagoon, considered one of the best in Ausangate. It offers stunning photo opportunities of Ausangate and the nearby lagoons. From the camp, hikers can access Ausangate and enjoy clean water.

pucachocha campsite with mountain huts in Ausangate area

Our third camp, Anantapata, is a stunning location surrounded by red mountains, offering breathtaking views of Ausangate. It serves as a convenient base for both the 2-day Rainbow Mountain tour and the 3-day Ausangate hike.

Our fourth camp is situated just 45 minutes away from the 7-color mountain, allowing our clients on the 4-day and 6-day Ausangate treks to witness the sunrise and the majestic play of light on the mountain.

What are the huts and cabins made of?

All our huts and cabins in Ausangate are constructed using locally sourced materials like stone, wood, and straw. This ensures minimal environmental impact, as the structures blend seamlessly with the area’s natural surroundings.

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